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The bachelor band continues to grow.
Earlier this month, TIC ran off Fairbanks and (***Tango) from Mama’s band. With binoculars, we observed the two colts with the other three since. Today was the first time we’d seem them close enough to observe their body condition, which remains very good.

The bachelor band now consists of: Nicholas, there year old buckskin. Diego, three year old bay. Crescent, two year old liver chestnut. Fairbanks, two year old cremello, and Tango, yearling sorrel.
***This is the first time I’ve observed a yearling colt not with his birth band. It’s unknown if he got caught up with Fairbanks when he was “removed” from the band, or, if it’s because his dam, Locks, has not been with the band since mid March, 2020.

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