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***Personal Note: The color of Creosote is one of the indicators I use to judge the health of the desert. Green tells me the plant has been getting water. A light green with a yellowish tint has historically indicated the plant hasn’t had water.

In every area of the HMA we were in yesterday, the creosote was a deep green. It had been light green.
The green base on the ground is about 1.5 inch grass. Including a closer view of the Red Brome and/or Cheat grass. Both grow in this area.

One foot diameter growths of Desert Four O’clock were growing in every area of the HMA we were at yesterday. We covered numerous miles and a variety of terrain.
This plant, (with beautiful, early morning purple flowers) can easily grow to three feet in diameter.
***Prior Observations have noted the horses will walk out of their way if they see Desert 4 O’clock. They’ll stand there and forage on the plant until there is only a stem coming out of the ground.
By the time of the summer 2019 gather, there was very little Desert 4 O’clock within five miles of water.

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