12-13-2021: .

Status Update: Sunlight and Hope, December 6, 2021. (Hope was orphaned at three months old, the beginning of November 2019, when Sunlight died. The two were living in Easter’s band at the time.)
***Personal Observation on Monday, 12-06-2021:
Magnet’s band was walking through the area where Sunlight died in 2019. Some of her bones are still there.
Ridgecrest was focused on Hope and stayed close behind her.
When Hope approached what’s left of Sunlight’s spine and ribs, she stopped and smelled them. Then she continued on her way, with Ridgecrest behind her. He too stopped to smell.
I found this event extremely interesting. I have no idea if this is “normal/routine” behavior or not. I do know, in 20+ years, I haven’t observed it.
Over the years, I’ve noted numerous horse and burro bones, even carcasses, the horses just walked around them. I have not observed a horse stop to investigate two year old remains of another. Tara

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