11-08-2021: .

Status Update: TAC – I hadn’t seen him without binoculars for a couple of months. His body condition caught me off guard. It hurt my heart.
***Personal Observation: “Living wild and free” does have drawbacks. Five months short of two decades living wild and free in the desert is taking a toll on the oldest stallion, TAC.
Mama foaled TAC in May 2002, during the turn of the century drought. He was born three months after Ink Print. The two colts lived together for a few years before going their own way.
As you know, IP was gathered during the summer of 2019, after living 17.5 years on the range. I was blessed with the opportunity to adopt him.
In March of this year, in an effort to provide IP with the best possible quality of life, his dentist recommended a special diet as his teeth are almost completely worn down. As a matter of fact, when he was first examined, they told me he was between 25 and 30 years old. I assured them he was only 19 years old, and that he’d lived on the range for 17.5 years. This was a new experience for them to observe a horse that had lived “wild and free” for that length of time.
We’re currently living the second year of another drought. As I look at TAC, Mama and Dawn today, I think to myself, “I wonder how worn down their teeth are, and the impact it has on their eating, hence body condition?” … Simply sharing a thought. Tara

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