10-26-19: . Red Rock HMA

Two important observations today. One: This is the first time we’ve seen Miracle, the first foal born after the gather, without binoculars. For two months we observed her with the palomino stud that was a satellite to Yukon and Bali. Two: The three mares together. Each had been in it’s own band since the gather.
The band of three mares… Cinnamon, Colony, Pepper, Crescent with Miracle’s dam in the back… Three mares and their offspring with TIM P…. TIM P with Cinnamon and the three… Miracle and her dam… The band… Tommy, the stud… TIM P followed Miracle and has taken the role of satellite stallion… Miracle and her dam, x6… Cinnamon… Pepper, who is still treated like she was born in Cinnamon’s band.

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