10-26-19: .

As Heart’s band crosses the trail, Mama B’s band watches and Promise moves to the front.
As soon as Heart’s band settles together on the other side of the trail, Easter moves the band back across.
Photographs: Heart; Unknown and Hope; Crossing; The two bands as Promise moves forward; Santa Fe, Mesa, Lily and Mesquite; Junius and Promise; Moon Light and Blaze; Mama B and E; Mama B’s band, x2; Easter, Frisca, Light Lily and Crema; Promise blocking Blaze from getting too close to Heart’s band; Santa Fe, Mesa, Junius, Promise and Blaze; Santa Fe, Junius and Mesa; Blaze, Lily, Promise and Mesquite; Mesquite and Moonlight; Frisca, Crema, Light Lily and Tarika crossing back over the trail; Easter motioning to Heart it’s time to walk; Mama B’s band watching, x3.

*********Heart and Light Lily: Little did we know today would be the last time we’d see Heart and Light Lily alive. On November 8, 2019, they were shot and killed in the HMA. The Bureau Of Land Management is taking the shootings seriously and have been investigating. Should we hear something, we will pass it along.
*********Between 11-08-19 and 11-13-19, we have seen all members of the following bands: Mama B, Mama, Magnet, Bali (yes, she was stolen again) and a growing Golden Blazer band that TIM P the mule is living with now. We have yet to observe the remainder of Heart’s band, but there were only the two found in that location. The BLM was through in their search.

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