10-26-19: .

We were gifted with the observation of two bands sharing “space” together, today. Mama B and Heart’s.
Mama B lives with two of her daughters, Blaze and Mesquite. They were foaled when she still lived with Mama.
Mama’s foal, Easter, is the stud in Heart’s band. He was born when The Mamas lived together. He and Blaze spent their first few years together. Mama B gave him “life lessons”.
It was peaceful. Notice how Promise and Easter stood at the edge of each band, adjacent to each other.
Tarika took off across the trail…..

Photographs: The two bands…. Heart and her filly, Tarika‚Ķ Heart-Tarika, Frisca-Crema, Still need to ID and Hope… Light Lily and Easter…. Mama B and Promise’s band… Heart’s band… Stallion pile… Mama B’s band… Heart with other’s in her band… Light Lily with Easter, x2… Heart’s and… Light Lily and Easter.. Heart with most of her band, x2 … LIGHT LILY and Easter… HEART and her first surviving foal…. Heart’s band…. Tarika crossing the trail

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