10-25-2021: .

***Prior observations: Cody was injured in February of this year. He lost his band. Since, three year old Pearl has been observed in four bands and with Tracker, a two year old colt.

***Pearl and her foal, Epona, were with four year old Diego about six months. Though she adjusted, Pearl never did appear to be comfortable with the two horse band situation. I state this based on observations of tension, that she hadn’t shown prior to February. Rather it was Diego, or, that Pearl was a first time dam and for the first time, on her own as a dominant mare. Up until then, she’d always had
a large band around her.

Observing Pearl in Cinnamon and Tommy’s band today, band number six in ten months, I couldn’t help but feel Pearl appeared to be comfortable with the other horses around her. No tension was noted. Pearl and Epona followed right along with the other horses. Additionally, Pearl’s overall body condition looks better than it has in months.

Despite the two year drought, the other horses in Cinnamon’s band will be going into winter with some weight.

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