10-21-2020: .

TIM P remains healthy and is still living in Cinnamon’s band.

In the eleven years TIM P has lived in the desert, Cinnamon’s band is his third. When he was initially abandoned in July 2009, he lived with Ink Print and Willow and became the ‘satellite stallion’ in their band.

In the spring of 2012, he went to live in Gypsy and Pale Rider’s band.
Less than a year old, Cinnamon was “stolen” by Pale Rider in early 2013, growing up in Gypsy’s band. Cinnamon lived with them until the spring of 2018 when she was stolen by America. By summer of 2019, she was ‘stolen’ by Tommy.

Another mare in Gypsy’s band foaled Rose Ridge in 2016. Rose Ridge lived in Gypsy’s band until the gather. The others in Gypsy’s band were gathered. Rose Ridge may have been off foaling.

TIM P has lived several prior years with Cinnamon and Rose Ridge. The natural reorganization of the horses themselves after the gather, brought the three back together.

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