10-18-2021: .

As the early morning sun continued to climb over a ridge, with binoculars, then my long lens; I observed a lone horse climb out of a low wash, then trot for a mile.

At two year old, Gemini has been officially “kicked out” of his birth band. (***Prior observations reflect this is the “normal” age for a colt to “leave” his birth band. However, some colts/studs have been documented living in their birth band for five years.)

As Gemini trotted along, occasionally, he stopped to smell the ground. Then he’d continue on.

Two hours later, Gemini was observed near the top of a hill, standing, and looking out, above a large valley. (***I usually work a week behind. On 10-25-2012, Gemini was observed with the other bachelors.)

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