10-07-2020: .

Ridgecrest kept Chris’s Crema and Hope together while Magnet and Easter continued with their non-aggressive posturing. Frisca and Light Lily stayed off to the side.
When Magnet returned to his band, Tracker approached Winter and Symphony. Frisca and Light Lily started walking towards Easter.
Ridgecrest directed the band to start walking while Magnet added to a stallion pile. They left the area with Frisca, Light Lily and Easter watching them go.

****In April, 2020, Magnet and Ridgecrest fought Easter and ‘stole’ Chris’s Crema, Hope and Tarika from him. Frisca is Chris’s Crema’s dam, Light Lily is her full sister and Easter is her sire. Easter is also Hope’s sire.

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