09-30-2020: .

After observing Magnet’s band for about fifteen minutes, Willow’s Symphony’s half brother, Tracker, slowly made his way to his sister and nudged her. Symphony lifted her head off the ground and laid it right back down.

Tracker stood there for a few minutes, thought it over and tried to get Symphony up again. This time, he pulled on one of her ears. Symphony raised her head and laid there.
Less than a minute later, Tracker reached back down and gently*** put his mouth on the back of her neck and pulled up. Symphony then stood.

***Never once during the 30 seconds Tracker pulled on Willow’s Symphony ear and neck did she exhibit any behaviors of pain or being hurt. You can see that by the numbers of each photograph. The missing numbers were because they were basically duplicates and I only have so much space for a post.

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