09-17-17: . Goodsprings Quadrangle

Some folks see a pile of old rusty cans and think “trash”. David and I see them as a treasure trove of history.
A pile of rusty cans reflects the age of the dump, shows how the people lived, the products available to them and how resourceful they were by recycling.
During our approach to this mining camp dump, we saw:
A pie tin, x2.
Modified Pearl Oil containers (household oil manufactured by SO Cal. Southern Oil of Cal.)
A pocket tobacco tin.
A cooking pot lid.
The mining camp dump, x6.
At the dump:
A tin plate.
Hole-and-cap tin cans circa late 1800s, x4. ****Note the solder used to seal the side of the can, the circle of tin at the top where it was filled then more tin solder at the top. The size of the hole in the top depended on the item in the tin.

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