09-07-19: . Red Rock HMA

The paint brothers, Magnet and Ridgecrest, have accumulated an interesting band over the past two weeks.
Not only has the two year old buckskin colt remained with them, they have the cremello mare, Winter, her 2019 colt, Tracker, and a perlino stud.
The torn up perlino followed behind, lightly bearing weight on his front, right leg. Because of the healing fight wounds, I’m going to refer to him as Smokin’ Joe (Frazier). I believe the bit scar on the left side of his neck will provide his future identity.
Though Smokin’ Joe was following the band, the brothers did not steal Winter from him, nor did they try to run him off. On August 18th, we saw Winter and her colt with a palomino stud.

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