08-31-19: . Red Rock HMA

Had the opportunity to observe Mama Buckskin and her band. Her band is in excellent condition for summer.
Photos: Approaching the band, x2. Santa Fe. Mama B and E. Mama B. Santa Fe. Blaze and Junius, x2. Mesa, Lily, Mesquite, Junius, Blaze. Most of Mama B’s band. Mesquite, Junius still nursing and Blaze. Santa Fe, Mama B and E. Santa Fe. Mama B. Lily, Mesa, Mesquite, Junius and Blaze. E and Mama B, x3. E, Mama B and Santa Fe.

****Mama B, in her mid to late 20s, appears to be putting on a little weight. If you remember, her last foal was born in 2015. She was extremely thin at that time. She did not go into season 2015, 2016 or 2017 and her body condition improved immensely. Not to what an older mare in the HMA’s normal condition is, but very well for her. While the birth of her 2019 filly, E, set Mam B’s condition back, the filly is healthy.

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