08-26-2020: .

Junius, North Star and Gemini had been horse’n around for twenty minutes.
Promise’s band was long gone, but Golden Blazer’s appeared. (Mesquite and Lily whom GB ‘stole’ from Promise in July this year were still with him).
When Mesquite saw Junius, she ran off in his direction with Lily following right behind her. As Mesquite ran, she was calling out to Junius. Junius stopped horse’n around, began calling back and headed her direction.
Golden Blazer ran up to Mesquite and Lily, preventing Junius from approaching. GB directed the females back to the rest of the band.
It was at that time Junius realized Promise and his birth band had moved on and he began to wander around.
***Don’t know if it was hours or a couple of days, but Junius was back with his birth band a few days later.

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