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Cinnamon’s 2019 colt, Colony, x2… Cinnamon, Pepper and Colony… The band, x2… Pepper… The band, x10.
****Pepper was born in July, 2018 to Nutmeg and Wild Star. The paints, Magnet and Ridgecrest are her brothers. … The end of May, 2019, at eleven months old, Pepper was stolen from her birth band. Two days before the Red Rock HMA gather began, at the end of July, 2019, Pepper was with the second known band since she had been stolen. If she got to close to any of the other horses in this band, the mares ran her off. … Perhaps the mares had just run her off before they walked into the bait trap, and she didn’t follow. How she avoided the gather will never be known. Today, she’s with a band that provides her with protection and socialization. … Note: this mare, Cinnamon, was stolen from her birth band when she was just about a year old.

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