08-23-2021: .

Mama, the oldest horse in the RR HMA, and Goldie, her yearling filly, were “leading” the bachelor band.
07/06/2021: As you may remember, Mama’s long time stud, TIC, was humanely euthanized.
07/14/2021: Mama and Goldie were observed with Bali and Yukon’s band.
07/19/2021: Mama and Goldie were still with Bali and 20+ year old Mama was in season. Yukon bred Mama, and three year old North Star didn’t take his eyes off her. Two year old Gemini and Goldie foraged together.
08/16/2021: I still hadn’t observed Bali’s band (not unusual), but North Star was now running with the Bachelor band.
08/23/2021: Mama and Goldie were leading the bachelor band; Fairbanks (3), Tango (2), Rebel (2), Junius (2) and North Star (3); through the desert.
*****Observations I found interesting today:
#1= North Star tried to keep between the females and colts. Rebel constantly challenged him for that position. ***I wondered if it was curiosity of the females that prompted Rebel or male/female roles. My gut says curiosity. Though Rebel was a bit lost when he first became a bachelor, he has become extremely confident. (Rebel=Cinnamon/America).
#2= Fairbanks wanted nothing to do with any of it. He kept his distance. Stayed back. ***Fairbanks is Mama’s 2018 colt and Goldie’s full brother. I don’t know that the brother part had anything to do with his “distance”, the feeling that he wanted to stay away from Mama was very strong.
#3= Tango was interested in the behavior between North Star and Rebel and tried to get involved when they had interactions. ***Tango is Mama’s “grandcolt” and born in her band. He was kicked out as a yearling with Fairbanks. Tango’s young dam (Locks) had recently died.
#4= Junius didn’t appear to be interested in Mama and Goldie or the interactions between North Star and Rebel, and the fact his buddy, Tango, was. Most of the time, Junius stayed back with Fairbanks.
#5= As to be expected, Mama wanted nothing to do with any of them. Where she went, they followed.

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