08-23-2021: .

The first thing we observed today was Mama and Goldie are no longer with Bali’s band. On the 16th, we’d observed North Star with the bachelors. Bali and Yukon’s band has become a bit smaller. They’ve stayed in fairly good condition during the drought.

The leg injury seven week old Venus obtained at birth has healed. She’s 100% weight bearing also. Her special round spot on her forehead has completely fallen off. … Venus stays close to her yearling brother, Gemini.

As with the other nursing mares, Bali’s head remained down, continuously foraging on the new growth. Venus is Bali’s fifth, consecutive foal.

It’s unknown if satellite stallion, Sundance, ever made and attempt to break Bali away from Yukon, while Yukon was so focused on Mama.

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