07-22-2020: .

***The photographs in this post were taken with my long lens. All were cropped for better viewing.***
***History** I’ve often thought of Bali as an amazing mare. Between September 2018 and December, 2019, she was “stolen” by stallions, 14 times. Half of those were Yukon “stealing” her back. Through all of it, she was able to keep her 2018 and 2019 colts with her. Almost one-half of the 2017 foals were left behind.***
Last night, she finally had her 2020 foal, Orion, a colt. The second one for the HMA this year.
Bali stood in the normal “new foal” position as Orion slept.
Then Yukon approached, moved Bali away, and smelled Orion. (Honestly, I was concerned about this. The only other stallion / foal interactions I’ve observed were aggressive.) Though Bali was intimated by Yukon, she forced her way back to the now, awake Orion.
After Yukon left the immediate area, Orion went back to sleep.

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