07-07-19: .

Several things going on with Chris and Nutmeg’s bands. It’s been a few months since we’ve seen Chris, and Nutmeg has foaled.
Chris’s band, x1… Chris and Nutmegs’ bands, x1… Nutmeg’s band. You can see her foal laying next to her, x1.
Four year old Pluma (the palomino) and three year old Cisca (the paint). The bay foal is Cisca’s first surviving, x1.
A lone stud at a near by roll spot, x1.
Nutmeg’s foal standing up next to it’s brother. Buckskin markings, but can not tell if it’s a paint like it’s sire, or it’s sex, x1.
Chris, x1.
Nutmeg again. The foal is resting, x1.
Five year old Splash looks like she’s still pregnant. She was nursing her yearling colt, x1. He is her only surviving foal (of three) to date.
Cisca and her foal. Pluma and new filly, Shiloh. First surviving foal for her. Directly behind Pluma is Chris’s two year old buckskin colts. His dam was stolen last July, x1.
Chris, x1… Chris’s band, x1.
The lone buckskin stud venturing closer to the band, x4.
Cisca nursing, x1.
Both bands after the buckskin stud left, x1.

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