07-03-2020: .

Observed Carmel Tiger walking along by himself this morning. He stopped and looked off in the distance. We noted the bachelor band. CT detoured and headed their direction.
Nicholas and Crescent walked up to CT. The three greeted each other, then walked towards to other two colts. Nicholas intercepted CT, the two had a bit more interaction.
CT began to walk off, stopped, turned around and walked back. At that time he interacted with the other two, Tango and Fairbanks.
***06-07-2020 was the last time we observed CT. He was still with pregnant Sego Lily, her 2019 colt Adventure, but also had Snow Belle and her 2020 filly with him. Seeing Smokin’ Joe later that day, it was obvious there was a fight for Snow Belle.
***Today, CT was by himself. He’s healthy and his coat is extremely shiny. Not a battle mark on him. Curious as to where the mares are. Possibly both were “stolen” by another stud, or just Snow Belle and Sego Lily is off foaling. Prior observations have reflected a yearling colt would be with the stud when the mare goes off. Will be interesting to see how this change unfolds.

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