06-29-19: .

****As the population continues to increase, we continue to observe new behaviors and patterns with the horses.
On 05-25-19, TOBY had recently secured a band, after losing his dominant stallion position of a large band, at the end of 2014. On May 25th, the five were comfortable with each other, including the new foal. (*Since it had been a few months we hadn’t seen TOBY, he could have been with the mare for a bit of time.)
The colors and sex of this band have intrigued me. With this high population, I’m unable to track the cremellos and perlinos. The three year old bay colt didn’t fit with the mare, and based on 20 years of observations and his behaviors, he’s to young to be a satellite stud.
I finally confirmed my identification of him. This is Hobo.
Hobo was born in 2016 to Spring. He was “kicked out” of his birth band last year. I’ve observed him mentoring with his older brother, Waylon, and in Bachelor bands since.
Hobo’s behaviors exhibit a comfortable living environment with his foster family.

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