06-29-19: .

The trickle of water dropping into the trough. The float is working properly. The spring remains functional. *****However, as the number of horses increase yearly, their daily usage does also. In the summer, neither spring can replenish daily usage. Last summer when the rains stopped, Spring #2 was going through 100 gallons daily.
The east tank is the lowest in the gravity system. Though there is still water in it, 9 inches will feed the trough, 5 inches will not.
Several others approached the trough while the stallion was drinking. Fights broke out, he held his position.
When we drove to a cell service area, I contacted the Southern Nevada District Office Wild Horse and Burro Specialist regarding the condition of Spring #2.
On her day off, she left her family, went to her office, got her truck, filled her small tank, and drove to Spring #2. She was able to provide enough water to get them through the weekend and make arrangements for the BLM water truck to haul a load Monday.
As you can see, she was at Spring #2 late. Filling the troughs with a hose takes awhile. Note the horses behind the creosote.

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