06-16-2020: .

When we arrived at Spring #1, there was water and signs of recent usage. (It’s has been a long time since there was water in the tanks the middle of June, unless the BLM had filled them.)
We did a little work in the area then prepared to head down to where the horses were that had been drinking. Just as we were leaving, we looked up and saw three horses heading down the hillside, to the tanks. We drove away so they’d be comfortable coming down to drink.
The small band was Golden Blazer’s. I have not laid eyes on them since November, 2019. Golden Blazer is shiny. The older mare Dawn has better weight than she’s had for years. Their 2019 colt, Glacier, is healthy and tall.
Since the band continued walking, we turned around, drove a little ways and watched the three horses come down the hillside.

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