06-16-2020: .

Though we haven’t had much rain for spring growth this year, last summer’s gather is truly making a difference for the remaining horses. Water still at both springs. Less competition for food. Not having to walk over five miles one way to forage. Less stress for all the stealing of mares by stallions. All of this is reflected in their condition as we go into summer.

I don’t remember seeing Sego Lily with this much weight. She is so rounded. You can still see her hip tips, but that’s all. She’s been very thin for the past several years. Her 2019 colt, Adventure is healthy and growing.
Snow Belle, who has lived with four studs since the gather is comfortable in this band. She foaled a few weeks ago and looks wonderful. Her 2020 filly, Eira, is growing fast.
Carmel Tiger’s coat shines in the sunlight.
The horses are foraging on dormant Red Brome.

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