06-14-2022: .

Introducing Aspen and TAC’s 2022, healthy, two-day old filly.
She’s Montana, Elsa in FL, Pearl and Aurora’s half sibling through Aspen.
She’s the first foal twenty-year-old TAC has sired. Prior to the 2019 gather, TAC was never able to hold on to a mare for more than three months. None were breeding months.
Aspen is in good condition. She still has the five older bachelors and Smokin’ Joe living with her. As it has been, North Star was staying the closest to her. The others were respectful.
So respectful, that when TAC or Glacier approached, all but North Star went after that horse. There were a few scuffles.
Aspen will be going into season in about a week. It will be interesting to observe the effect it’ll have on the bachelors.

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