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Orion (foaled July 2020) is the only two year old colt still living with his birth band.
This post reflects how colts interact with other colts, before they’re “kicked out” of their birth band. Normally at two years old.
*Yukon, Bali, Venus and Sundance are about 200 feet away from where the colts are.
The colts interacting with Orion are:
Glacier: Cremello. Foaled June 2019. He was recently made to leave his dam at 35 months. At 31 months, Glacier was still nursing.
Gemini: Palomino. Foaled June 2019. Born shortly after Bali and North Star began living with Yukon and Sundance. Gemini was kicked out of his birth band at 28 months. *Orion spent the first year of his life with his half-brothers North Star and Gemini.
Denali: Buckskin. Foaled July 2020. He was recently kicked out of his birth band younger than most, at 18 months.

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