06-07-2022: .

Information regarding the young bachelors. This does not include TAC or Smokin’ Joe.
In March 2022, the bachelor band consisted of eight colts. Two 4 y/o, five 3 y/o and 1 under two.
On April 19, 2022, they divided in half. The two 4 y/o and two 3 y/o. The first colts in the bachelor band. They also had a history prior to joining. The second band consisted of the colts that joined last, and younger. Each band had a strong, dominant colt.
By May 6, 2022, three y/o Glacier had joined the younger band. Initially, they “followed” the older colts, at a distance.
On May 6, as the older colts were following Aspen, Junius made the conscience decision to walk away from the younger colts and join the older ones.
I say he made the decision based on the fact I observed him watching them, from a distance, leave the area. Eventually, he followed and caught up with them. They allowed him to follow. When they were about a 1/2 mile from the younger colts, Junius stopped. As Junius turned around and stared in the direction the younger colts were, the older colts continued on. Junius stood there looking back, for some time. Eventually, he turned back around and caught up with the older colts. He’s been with them since.
On June 7, 2022, Junius and Gemini (each in a different bachelor band) spent some time interacting together.

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