06-04-2020: .

Hope will be ten months old this June. Her unique life has made her independent.
As Mama, Goldie and TIC came in sight of where Magnet and Ridgecrest’s band was foraging, Hope took off down the trail towards them.
Neither Magnet nor Ridgecrest noticed Hope had walked away until she’d made it half way to where Mama was nursing Goldie.
At that time, Ridgecrest began calling out to Hope, she stopped. After a minute, she turned around and started back to the others. TIC approached from his side while Ridgecrest and Crema approached from theirs.
Ridgecrest continued past Hope to meet up with TIC. Hope continued walking until she reached Crema. The two fillies stayed together until Ridgecrest and TIC finished their interactions and headed back to their own bands.

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