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Ipana tooth paste, x2. Ipana was introduced in 1901 by Bristol-Myers Co. of New York. Beginning in the early 1920’s they were a large sponsor in radio broadcasting with the Ipana Troubadours, who also recorded albums into the early 1930’s. Ipana’s peak was during the 1950’s.
A variety of brown glass bleach bottles:
Sani-clor. Trademark filed in San Francisco, CA on November 14, 1928.
White Magic. Part of the Purex family, 1/2 gallon Magic jugs were made in the 1950’s.
Clorox. The company began in 1913. Shoulder embossed Clorox bottles appeared in 1931. Screw tops began in 1940. Gallon jugs arrived in 1945. The company stopped using glass bottles in 1962.
Purex. In 1922, Lionel Precourt and his son began to make Purex bleach in their Los Angeles, CA home garage.
A variety of milk bottle necks. Anderson Dairy has been in business in Las Vegas since 1907.

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