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Sheaffer’s Skrip, U.S. Patent 1759866 was filed on November 9, 1927 by Owen E. Raab. There is a built in well to fill the fountain pen in the ink bottle, x4. The glass well is intact in these two bottles.
A perfume bottle with a Bakelite lid. The U.S. patent for Bakelite was granted in 1909. The use of Bakelite screw caps began in the late 1920s. *In 1943 Bakelite was tested for use as a U.S. one cent coin.
Another Prince Albert tobacco tin, x4. *In 1986, R.J. Reynolds grandson, Patrick, became an anti-smoking activist and began the Foundation For A Smoke-Free America.
Morgan Crucible Co. of Battersea Works England has been making crucibles since the mid 1800s.
Bottle necks.

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