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People have been randomly dumping in the desert for centuries. The dumps in the mining district are filled with rusty cans that can be dated and provide history. We usually stop and look to see what we can learn.
This dump has been used for over a century. From the early 1900s to todays Budweiser bottle.One view of the dump, which was spread out over 100 feet.
Patent 1,770,920, July 22, 1930, filed by H. Hermani on August 8, 1929 as a telescopically collapsible box or can, x3.
Lipton’s Tea The Most Delicious The World Produces, circa 1890-1900.
Filaree and a beer bottle.
Prince Albert Tobacco, Process Patented July 20, 1907. R.J. Reynolds named the blend after Kind Edward VII, who was known as Prince Albert before he became king. Reynolds was having tea with Mark Twain when he acquired a portrait of the Prince, x2.
In 1876, Zalmon Simmons designed a machine to mass produce woven wire mesh mattresses, making them affordable. Until then, they’d been made by hand. Based on the creosote bush having grown through the mattress, this bed has been here for many decades. Dumps are filled with these beds, x3.
Circa WWII newspaper from San Fernando, CA and a Velvet Tobacco tin, x9. Liggett & Meyers Tobacco Co. was incorporated in 1873, St. Louis, MO.

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