05-26-2020: .

History: Tarika, Lily, Easter, Cody and Promise.
*Tarika, along with Crema and Hope, were “stolen” from Easter mid April. All three fillies were born in 2019. Tarika stayed with Cody and Luna’s band. The other two were stolen again.
*Lily, born in Promise’s band in 2019 and still living in her birth band, is going into season. Promise currently has the largest band in the Red Rock HMA.
*Easter, after the gather had three mares and four fillies. Today he’s down to one mare and her 2018 filly.

First observation: Three bands in close proximately. This does not happen often. Mainly for the events that tried to playout today.
Second observation: Easter’s lack of reaction to Tarika as she walked past him with her new band. He stood by the Joshua tree with his remaining two females and never once looked at her. His attention was on the yearling, Lily.
Third Observation: As Luna and Cody’s band continued walking away, Lily, who had been watching them, followed and walked right up to Cody. Lily’s older sister (Mesa) followed her. Meanwhile, Easter’s attention to Lily had not wavered. Mesa put herself between Cody and Lily. That began a bit of aggressive behavior between the two, as Lily became mixed up in it.
The two fillies ran back to their band. Both Cody and Easter watched them. Then again, Lily started walking back to Cody. When he took a step her direction, she ran back to her band and stood behind her cousin, Junius.
Fourth Observation: With Lily closer, Easter began to make his approach. He’d almost made it to her when Promise ran over and cut Easter off. (*I’d wondered why Promise even let Lily approach Cody.)

**It was a busy five minutes.

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