05-24-2022: .

TAC is officially twenty calendar years old this weekend.
***Personal comment. Like Mama and Dawn, TAC will always hold a special place in my heart. Mama foaled TAC at the end of May 2002. Three months after Mama B foaled Ink Print. The two colts lived their first four years together. Two in their birth band. Two years living in the bachelor band. The 2006 emergency gather temporarily separated them.
**IP was one of thirty-seven horses gathered on February 16, 2006. He was one of five studs released on February 18, 2006. TAC managed to avoid both the 2006 and 2019 gathers. (I have to admit, I’ve always thought that was well done on TAC’s part.) After the 2006 release, IP fought TAC, Pale Rider and TOBY for Willow. TAC and TOBY eventually went off on their own.
Today, TAC is the oldest stud in the HMA

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