05-12-2020: .

Set 1 of 2: I’ll begin with introductions.
*Tracker, the palomino colt was born spring, 2019. He went through the August gather with his dam and a stud before Magnet “stole” the two from the stud in early September, 2019. Tracker was the only juvenile in both bands.
**Crema, the buckskin filly was also born spring, 2019. She went through the gather in a large band (Heart/Easter’s) with a one year older female sibling and two other 2019 fillies.
***Hope, the sorrel filly was born after the gather in the same band as Crema. She was orphaned early November and continued to live with her birth band until February, when she was observed peacefully living with Pluma and Montana. A month later, she was back with Easter.
****The brothers, Magnet and Ridgecrest, “stole” Hope, Crema and the third 2019 filly Tarika from Easter in mid April. During the following two weeks, Crema and Hope were “stolen” an additional four times. Tarika stayed in the stayed with the second band after the initial “steal”.

Today’s behaviors exhibited by the three yearlings were interesting to observe.
Tracker is still interested in the fillies and continues to interact with them. Past observations he’s usually trying to interact with Hope. Perhaps because she is so much smaller? Hope would tolerate him for awhile, then let him know to back off, he was crowding her personal space.
As Tracker approached the fillies today, Crema would have none of it. She repositioned herself and tried to run him off. Then she stayed between Hope and Tracker.
Once Ridgecrest approached the three, Tracker stopped trying to interact with the fillies and all four stood there, resting.

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