05-12-2020: .

**Magnet was born in 2015 as an only foal to a mare and stallion. No other band members. Observations have lead me to think a colt or filly who has no other youngsters around them their first year, grow up with less confidence than those that do.
***Magnet’s year younger sibling, Ridgecrest, grew up with a lot of confidence, as evident by his outgoing behaviors shortly after birth.
****When the brothers finally left their birth band in May of 2019, I felt they’d stay together and Magnet would be dominant, initially. However, I felt Ridgecrest would eventually take the dominant stallion position, based on his confidence.

A year has passed since the brothers have left their birth band. Then the gather took place. The brothers lived in a bachelor band for a short time, then they started their own band by stealing Winter and her 2019 colt, Tracker.
Over the course of the past six months, the brothers’ roles began to reverse.
By the end of May, 2020, the brothers have switched roles. Ridgecrest is the dominant stallion in their band. Magnet has the satellite stallion role.
Based on his behaviors, Magnet has settled comfortably into his satellite stallion role. His behaviors reflect a confidence in himself.
My thoughts are, Magnet will eventually leave his brother and have his own band. I think it’ll be a couple of years out.

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