05-10-2022: .

Four week old Legacy and Hope are healthy.
Legacy is growing. First time dam, Hope, is maintaining weight.
Four week old Stevie Mac and Chris’ Crema are healthy.
Stevie Mac is growing. Crema is maintaining weight.
Winter and Blossom are in good condition.
Magnet and Ridgecrest are carrying good weight. They still get aggressive with each other, but not as frequently.
***I find myself frequently wondering why Magnet doesn’t take off with one of the mares and her baby. I keep coming up with the same thoughts… Magnet is seven years old. Ridgecrest is six. They’ve lived their lives together. They didn’t even “leave home” until they were four and three years old.
***As with most foals who spend their first year with just their dam and a stallion, they do not develop the confidence and independence a foal normally does, that has other young horses interact with. That was Magnet. Born the following year, Ridgecrest has never lacked for confidence or independence.

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