04-29-2021: .

There wasn’t much at the “test” site, but the color was beautiful.
The horses have left signs they’ve walked along the top of tailings.
T Post, Joshua tree pretty boulders, tailings and manure.
The aged 4×4 wood post, laying against a boulder to the left of the Joshua would have been set as a boundary marker.
Tailings and Magnet’s band below.
Magnet, telephoto lens.
Hope, Ridgecrest, Chris’s Crema, Symphony and Winter, telephoto lens.
Tailings and manure.
The colorful “test” site.
Colorful rocks laying in a wooden frame.
Looking out the shallow site.
Closeup of the tailings.
Looking down at magnet’s band with a telephoto lens.
Pocket tobacco tin next to the tailings.
Strawberry Hedgehog, in bloom, next to the pocket tin.

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