04-22-2020: .

On the April 17, 2020 Easter Post, I commented on the three, 2019 fillies (Tarika, Crema and Hope) born in his band were “stolen” by the brothers Magnet and Ridgecrest on April 14, 2020.
Later in the day of April 17, we’d seen the brothers and Luna’s band. The three fillies were not with either.
Today, the three fillies are with Luna’s band. In nine days, this is the fourth known band the fillies have been with, including their birth band. As Hope was “stolen” in February by Montana, this makes the sixth known band the eight month old filly as lived in.
The dynamics today were interesting to observe:
Pearl, the two year old cremello was very curious about the fillies. Luna’s two year old filly, Sandstone, paid no attention to them.
Hope walked up to the stallion Cody, smelling him for awhile. He was extremely patient with her.
Tarika, the oldest of the three, greeted Luna a couple of times.

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