04-22-16: .

Photographing the lattice /wooden screening, x1.
Walworth valves, since 1842, x2.
Weathered lumber, x2.
Side-blotched lizard getting out of the sun, x9.
A look down the site, from the top and where the shoot was, x1.
The shoot opening just below it’s original setting, x1.
Behind the loading dock, x1.
Zooming in on another mine, for another time, x1.
Interior sheet metal, x2.
Strawberry Hedgehog, x2.
Fish hook pincushion cactus, x3.
Across the loading bin to our next destination, x2.
Looking back up at the mill site, x1.
A similar, two gallon, galvanized iron, spout oil can sold in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalouge No. 111, on page 593 for 29 cents.

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