04-20-19: .

As we were leaving the valley, we observed five bachelors. After a few minutes, we realized the five were not together.
Two buckskins and a sorrel. A paint and young (about one year old) cremello were together. The paint was extremely protective of the cremello. He charged one of the buckskins that came to close, as the other buckskin watched.

****It appears that after a year, the five year old palomino paint lost (as in stolen) his cremello mare. The paint, cremello and her 2018 and 2017 cremello colts made up the band.
****Observing the interactions, it felt like the paint wasn’t just mentoring a young colt, that it was the 2018 colt from the band. (With the cremellos, it’s difficult to ID them unless they have a physical difference.)
****Past observations have noted a stolen mare’s foal and year old colt/filly are accepted by the new stud. In the foals case, it has to keep up.

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