04-17-2020: .

While we were observing the colts, Crescent and Diego, we noticed Easter farther to the west.
As we neared their area, it was obvious Easter had been fighting. He had numerous battle marks on his body that weren’t there a week ago. He did not exhibit any physical injuries.
**On April 14, 2020, WOLV’s FB Page was Messaged by a Follower. She informed me she observed the brothers, Magnet and Ridgecrest, “stealing” the three, 2019 fillies from Easter. Magnet was keeping Easter away while Ridgecrest kept the fillies together, and away from Easter and their band. The fillies are Tarika, Hope and Crema.**
The brothers must have succeeded with their attempt, the three fillies are not with the band. Only Frisca and her older filly, Light Lilly. All three look healthy.
*****On a personal note: It is disturbing to observe a stallion stealing a mare, or a filly. At the same time, I know it’s best for the fillies to live with a stud that is not their sire. Makes for a much healthier bloodline. This is just one of the ways the horses naturally break up bands/family units themselves. Again, it isn’t always easy, but it’s much healthier than a stallion breeding his own filly.****
******Later this day, April 17, 2020, I observed Magnet and Ridgecrest’s Winter and Tracker by themselves. No sign of the brothers.******
********Rest assured, the three fillies are together and fine. Just eyeballed them on Earth Day but I’m sharing their story in chronical order********

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