04-08-2022: .

Observations regarding the Bachelor band.
***Though the majority of the colts are three this year, I have no prior observations (as of the 2006 gather) of individual bachelors staying together for as long as these have. Historically, bachelors consistently mixed who they were with. They come and go. Currently, there have been a few times two or three were off on their own, but eventually they are all back together as they are in this post. I don’t know if the fact these bachelors, all from the Valley herd, has any barring.
***Additionally, I have no prior observations of a bachelor band securing a female, even temporarily. At different times during the past eight months the bachelors have secured three mares, two with their fillies. ***Another example of how the horses naturally “break up families.”***
Interestingly, different individuals have tried to take “ownership” of the females. Four-year-old North Star tried for Mama and Aspen. Two-year-old Rebel was his competition for Mama. Rebel stopped when his Pigeon Fever/Dryland distemper hit him. Three-year-old Tracker was lead on Snow Belle during this observation. Tango was his competition. *Four-year-old Fairbanks has not been observed trying for any of these females. He was observed trying to break Aurora away from TAC and Aspen.
Aside from the three-year-old colts Adventure and Glacier of the Spring #1 herd, two-year-old Adventure is the only colt who have join the Bachelor band this year.

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