04-08-2022: .

Introducing (Sunlight’s) Legacy and Stevie Mac:
The two were foaled by the three-year olds Hope and Chris’ Crema, who have lived their entire lives together.
Crema is three months older than Hope. (*The observation this morning reminded me of the sisters Feather and Nutmeg, when Feather foaled Promise. The closeness of the young mare’s relationship after foaling.)
Sunlight’s Legacy, the bay colt, was foaled Thursday, 04/07/2022. (Hope and Magnet or Ridgecrest).
Stevie, the buckskin pinto filly, was foaled Friday morning, 04/08/2022. (Chris’ Crema and Magnet or Ridgecrest).
***Observations during this time, while making a 180-degree walk around the four:
They were in a low, rocky area with dead trees. (The rest of the band was nearby.)
Legacy had his “feet under him.”
Stevie was still damp and slightly bloody. Crema was constantly licking/cleaning her.
Legacy nursed on Crema.
Crema attempted to move away from Legacy. This caused Stevie to step forward. She high centered on a tree branch.
Eventually Stevie made it over the branch and wobbled towards Hope. While lining herself up in a position nurse, Crema gently moved Stevie.
Hope and Legacy walked about ten feet away.
(*Always keeping an additional distance from any foal, these long lens, photographs are all cropped for better viewing)

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