03-18-18: . Goodsprings Mining District

Just up the hill, in a low wash that runs below two mines:
NESCO flour sifter.
Royal Baking Powder Absolutely Pure 1lb. ***Joseph and Cornelius incorporated Royal Baking Powder in 1873.
100 pound Union Carbide drum and lid. ***In 1913, the 100 lb drum of miner’s lamp fuel sold for $8.50 on page 1991 of the Morley Brothers Catalog.
The top of a broken medicine bottle.
An unusual circle.
Amid two barrel cactus and other cans lay this rusted metal. I thought it looked like a soldier.
A small plate.
2 pound Log Cabin syrup container. *** By 1905, Log Cabin syrup was the largest maple syrup manufacture in the United States.

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