03-17-2021: .

March 17, 2021: Observed Tango and Fairbanks making their way along, still by themselves.
A little while later, we saw a healthy Pearl with her 2.5 week old filly, Epona. Following behind the two was Diego.
Tango is two this year. He’s been living in the Bachelor band for a year now. Soon, other two year old’s will be joining Tango and his 3 year old ‘uncle’, Fairbanks.
03-17-2021: A few miles up the trail, in higher elevation, I observed Pearl with a healthy, growing Epona close behind. A little way behind Pearl and Epona followed 4 year old Diego.
03-17-2021: Pearl, Epona and Diego.
This is a healthy, viable match if the three stay together. By the appearance of Pearl’s side, she’s been bred recently.

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