03-11-2021: .

03-11-2021, Early AM: Observed Tango and Fairbanks without Nicholas and Diego.At this time, my ‘assumption’ was Nicholas was still with Luna, but where was Diego?
03-11-2021 Mid-day: When the snow flurries began, hours after observing Fairbanks and Tango, we noted a band about a half mile out. Based on their color, we thought it could be Luna.
03-11-2021: We walked out. L>R: Nicholas, Tarika, Luna with Elara and Moonstone.
03-11-2021: About 100 feet behind Nicholas stood three year old Fairbanks and his two year old ‘nephew’, Tango.
03-11-2021: I was close enough to get a clear view of Luna, Elara, Tarika and Moonstone. Pearl and Epona were not with Luna.
03-11-221: Nicholas, as the wind speed increased.
03-11-2021: The storm continued to build. L>R: Nicholas, Luna, Elara, Tarika and Moonstone.
03-11-2021: Nicholas made his way to Luna and her band.
***Personal note based on prior observations:
Stormy conditions hinder the horses hearing and sight. They get nervous. They react quickly.
To me, this observation reflected how adaptable Luna and her girls were with Nicholas. Much more than they were with Montana.
If Nicholas, who will be four years old this summer, can hold on to the girls, the viability of the herd will improve.
03-11-2021: The storm is picking up. Fairbanks and Tango are still following Nicholas.

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