03-03-2021 and 03-08-2021: .

03-03-2021: Bachelors Tango and Fairbanks are with …………
03-03-2021: Bachelors Nicholas and Diego.The four bachelors are about 200 feet from Montana’s band…………………..
03-03-2021: Montana’s band has grown. In addition to Pluma, Denali, E, Santa Fe and Sloan, he has Luna, Elara, Moonlight, Tarika, Pearl and her new foal, Epona, with him.
This was the first time I’d seen the foal. Epona was about 4 days old.
L>R: Montana, Santa Fe, Sloan, Epona, Pearl, E and Denali.
03-03-2021: L>R: Epona, E, Pearl, Denali, Pluma and Moonstone.
03-03-2021: My first thought regarding this combination of horses was the blood line between Montana and Pearl. They are half siblings. They have the same dam. Pearl will be going into foal heat.
It would be healthier for all if Montana does not breed Pearl when she goes into foal heat, which will be within a week.
03-03-2021: ***Personal Note: This was a fun moment during this observation. It reflected Luna’s independence.
As the band continued on, Pluma went one direction, Luna went the other. She headed off into the area of the HMA she utilizes, with all her “girls” following her.
It took Montana a few minutes to get them turned around and back to his original band. He did not exhibit aggressive behaviors during this time.
L>R: Luna, Elara Moonstone, Pearl and Epona. Tarika brought up the end of the line.
03-08-2021: (This was the best my camera could do.) Observed Luna and her band on the side of a mountain, but somethings were different.
Pearl and Epona (her new foal) were not with them, and the buckskin wasn’t Montana, it was four year old Nicholas.
03-08-2021: (Same photograph without the written information.)
I know this was Nicholas with Luna because…………………..
03-08-2021: Pluma and Montana’s band was about 1/4 mile farther north, on the same hillside.

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