02-08-2020: .

The sun had gone behind the mountain by the time we came across Pluma, E and Montana. There is a fourth horse with them also, Hope.

****Hope was born after the gather, in the middle of August. Her dam was one of the two mares that were shot and killed last November. We observed her about two weeks later with her birth band. She stayed close to the seven month old filly, the other orphan. With binoculars, we observed the band a twice in December, high in the mountains. Hope would be by herself, off to the side of the band. We did not see the band in January.

On January 31, we observed Pluma, E and Montana still together on a mountain side. The new addition of Hope to their band has taken place within the past week. All four horses were comfortable with each other. Hope tended to stay close and follow five year old Pluma around. Pluma did not exhibit aggressive behaviors towards her.

A year ago at this time, Montana was thin and scarred up, constantly trying to obtain a mare. Today, he’s healthy, has his mare and two, one year old fillies.

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